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William Lee



Alma Maters: BA, MSci (Theoretical Physics), PhD (Crystal growth) University of Cambridge.
Classes Taught: MS6021 (Scientific Computing), MA4404 (Engineering Maths), MS4414 (Mechanics)
Countries Traveled To: Germany, China, Brazil
Companies Worked For: University of Cambridge, University of Hamburg, University of Edinburgh
What is your style of teaching?
I try to make my lectures/practicals as interactive as possible.
What materials and media do you use in the classroom?
Typed handout, projector, whiteboard. Occasional relevant experiments (live or, if dangerous, videos).
What is the most engaging assignment you give?
I set students puzzle type problems (of the kind used in interviews) which can be solved using the concepts taught in their courses.
When grading a student, what do you look for?
Right answer, correct method, elegant computer code.
What kind of student would love your class?
One who is interested in the subject and wants to learn.
What is one piece of advice you have for students?
Don't be afraid to try, even if you get the wrong answer. You are still learning lots. And please do ask if you don't understand. You won't be alone!
What area in your field are you most knowledgeable about?
Mathematical modelling. (The art and science of putting together and solving a relevant set of equations given observations, experimental data and/or guesses.)
What is one accomplishment you are proud of?
I am very proud of my mathematical model of bubble formation in stout beers.
Are you currently involved in something interesting outside the classroom?
My research includes developing mathematical models for next generation mobile phones and pharmaceutical products.
Is there anything else the student should know before taking your class?
I like to make lectures as interactive as possible so please be ready to answer questions and work on the board. Also please join the course facebook page.

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