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Professor 's Profile on Full Professor - Civil Engineering - University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Sukalyan Sengupta

Full Professor

Alma Maters: MS Lehigh, Ph.D. Lehigh
Classes Taught: CEN 161, CEN 304, CEN 314, CEN 411, CEN 412, CEN 402, CEN 452, EGR 303, CEN 514
Countries Traveled To: UK, Germany, Australia, Turkey, India, Ecuador, Switzerland
Companies Worked For: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
What is your style of teaching?
Blended, Interactive
What materials and media do you use in the classroom?
Document camera, computer projector, whiteboard
What is the most engaging assignment you give?
design of treatment plant
When grading a student, what do you look for?
how much the student is willing and able to get out of his/her comfort zone, how much of a deep learner the student is.
What kind of student would love your class?
One who is willing to challenge himself/herself beyond textbook
What is one piece of advice you have for students?
Do not give up
What area in your field are you most knowledgeable about?
Wastewater Treatment
What is one accomplishment you are proud of?
Students telling me that after they graduate and work in an engineering company, they can easily do the projects they are given since they have done it before
Are you currently involved in something interesting outside the classroom?
creating a concept inventory exam for a fundamentals of environmental engineering course
Is there anything else the student should know before taking your class?
have to love the topic; do not come just to fulfill a degree requirement

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