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Professor 's Profile on University Distinguished Professor - International Business - Northeastern University

Sheila Puffer

University Distinguished Professor

Alma Maters: BA (Slavic Studies), MBA University of Ottawa, Canada,PhD U California, Berkeley
Classes Taught: INTB1201, INTB1203, INTB6200, INTB3905, IFS Russia, one-credit MBA courses
Countries Traveled To: Russia, most of Europe, India, Brazil, Iceland, going to Poland & Asia in 2012
Companies Worked For: Government of Canada, State U of New York at Buffalo
What is your style of teaching?
Interactive, discussion based, debates, team work, supplemented by lectures
What materials and media do you use in the classroom?
Powerpoint, videos, notes on the blackboard, music sometimes, case studies, current international business news items
What is the most engaging assignment you give?
In some courses student teams design a project for a company to enter a new international market
When grading a student, what do you look for?
Analysis that demonstrates an understanding of course concepts from course materials and classroom activities
What kind of student would love your class?
Those who want to contribute to students' and my learning and who want to learn from others in the classroom and in team projects
What is one piece of advice you have for students?
Come to class prepared, share your views, and have fun in the process
What area in your field are you most knowledgeable about?
Business and management in Russia as well as other major emerging markets
What is one accomplishment you are proud of?
Having students stay in touch and even become guest speakers in future classes.
Are you currently involved in something interesting outside the classroom?
I have been performing in a classic rock band for over a decade. We play mostly for charity benefits.
Is there anything else the student should know before taking your class?
Be open to sharing your experience and insights and to getting to know amazing people from around the globe or around the corner!

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