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Marguerite Mayhall

Chair and Assistant Professor


Alma Maters: BA Austin College,MA UT Austin,PhD UT Austin
Classes Taught: AH 1700, AH 1701, AH 3792, AH 3793, AH 3795, AH 4700
Countries Traveled To: Italy, Poland, Germany, Austria, Mex, Honduras, Guate, Chile, Argentina, Vnzla
Companies Worked For: TX Legisl, UT Austin, Austin Pub Lib, Austin College, Kean University
What is your style of teaching?
Depends on the class - lecture, seminar, group work, discussion.
What materials and media do you use in the classroom?
It's art history, so images. Sometimes film clips.
What is the most engaging assignment you give?
You'd have to ask the students. Depends on the class.
When grading a student, what do you look for?
An understanding of the material. Enough time spent with it that they start to make the connections.
What kind of student would love your class?
Hard to say, because people are often surprised to find out they like it. History buffs, visually oriented people.
What is one piece of advice you have for students?
Talk to your professors. We're here for you.It's the most important part of my job, and I love it!
What area in your field are you most knowledgeable about?
20th century Venezuela.
What is one accomplishment you are proud of?
Living in Venezuela by myself (after being married 16 years and leaving my husband in the US) - and then coming home!
Are you currently involved in something interesting outside the classroom?
Being chair of the Fine Arts department.
Is there anything else the student should know before taking your class?
That learning is messy, and difficult, but totally worth it.

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