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Rosita Hopper

Dean of Libraries


Alma Maters: Bennington College, U. Illinois (B.F.A.), Simmons College (M.L.S., D.A.)
Classes Taught: LIS451 Academic Libraries (Simmons College); Information Literacy
Countries Traveled To: France, Belgium, Israel, Egypt, England, Scotland, Canada, Switzerland
Companies Worked For: Boston College, SNE School of Law, Simmons College
What is your style of teaching?
Facilitator... give students low-stakes activities to work on individually, in pairs or groups in order to then share and reflect on learning with whole class
What materials and media do you use in the classroom?
Websites, streamed videos, cell phones, arts or crafts objects, toys or other artifacts that I construct in order to support the activity
What is the most engaging assignment you give?
When teaching teachers, divide them into groups and have them develop an assignment around a predetermined learning outcome, using a Web 2.0 app
When grading a student, what do you look for?
What kind of student would love your class?
Open-minded and noncompetitive
What is one piece of advice you have for students?
Do everything you can to overcome fear of failure so that you don't hold yourself back from asking questions, trying new things, challenging yourself
What area in your field are you most knowledgeable about?
Academic library administration
What is one accomplishment you are proud of?
Completing a doctorate
Are you currently involved in something interesting outside the classroom?
Seriously studying the art of playing the viola, and performing with a chamber music ensemble
Is there anything else the student should know before taking your class?
Come as you are but be open to changing

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