What is KnowThyProf?

Open to all universities, KnowThyProf is a service that provides information about professors to students.

While many sites use ratings and students’ opinions to characterize a professor, KnowThyProf takes a different approach. Professors answer a set of questions for their profile, covering topics from teaching style to experience to advice. Students learn about the professor directly from the professor.

The profile contains information that can be used by the student in many ways. The professor’s background information can be relevant to the students’ pursuits in academics, careers, or travel. The teaching style information is useful when a student is deciding which professor is most suitable with his/her learning style before choosing a class. Professors describing their outside work give the students information that can be useful for student involvement outside the classroom.

By using KnowThyProf, the professor benefits by attracting students who deliberately choose the professor’s class and are interested in that professor and what he/she has to offer.